Friday, May 18, 2012

An Unexpected Break

I hadn't planned on missing my deadline this week, but it's clear that I have. To my study friends, I am sorry to have not been with you this week.

I have been helping a friend's ministry. Through her ministry (Hands Up Ministries--on the web and Facebook; look it up!), she purchased this home and has been revitalizing it with the help of several hundred volunteers to be put into service as a transitional home for men leaving substance abuse rehabilitation facilities. I have been making curtains for the home, and, this week, had the opportunity to help hang them up, do some minor painting, do some supply shopping and help set things up. The Open House is this Sunday afternoon, so there was a deadline here, too.

I am still wrestling with not feeling guilt over the direction of my days. I love this study. Love to study and write. But this week was one of those weeks that needed to be devoted to Kingdom service. And it's all OK. Feeling like I can do everything is not OK. God continues to work on breaking down the walls regarding the control I have over my days. That's very OK, even if it doesn't always feel right....

I am thankful for my time this past week, as I have known such great joy in the service. The beginning of an investment into transforming lives! I am thankful that this blog is still here, too. Isaiah isn't going anywhere!!

Thank you for your understanding, friends! 'Til next Wednesday....

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Carmen said...

That sounds like an awesome ministry! The little things we do to help can make such a big difference! I believe God wants us to be available to His timetable. It's something I struggle with a lot too, so I hear you! Blessings, my friend!